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WePlay Ventures, Turkey’s most active game investor by investing in 15 startups to date, has announced its historical data and 2023 plans.

 WePlay Ventures, which has been investing in the game industry for 2 years, shared its historical data and this year’s plans. WePlay Ventures, which invests in early stage game startups with its experienced team, became the most active gaming VC in Turkey with 15 investments, and attracted attention with their first exit within a year.

15 investments, 22 investment rounds and 1 EXIT in 2 years!

WePlay Ventures, which invests in early-stage game startups, has met with more than 1,300 game startups in the past 2 years and made 22 investment rounds for 15 startups. While the total valuation of 15 startups in WePlay’s portfolio is 131 Million Dollars, 60% of the portfolio consists of Mobile and 40% PC and Console studios. Adding Abrakadabra, Mixer, L8, njoyKidz and Fantazzie to its portfolio in 2022, 15 game studios in the portfolio of WePlay Ventures provided employment for more than 320 people and developed more than 450 games in this process. In addition, WePlay achieved a difficult success in October 2022, and before the 1st year of its investment in UDO Games was completed, its shares exited Talewords, Turkey’s largest pc game developer.

WePlay Ventures will establish operation centers in 13 different countries in 2023!

Planning to expand its investment area to Europe, Turkey and Central Asia in 2023, WePlay Ventures aims to establish the region’s largest investment and acceleration platform. Moving its headquarters to the Netherlands, WePlay aims to increase the number of investments to 40 by including more than 200 studios in its incubation centers within 18 months, with operation centers to be established in 13 countries together with the Netherlands and Turkey.

The year 2022 was the first step of what we aimed for in 2023…

Burak Yilmaz, Managing Partner of WePlay Ventures said that; “Our aim on this path that we started from the first day was to give our best support to the game industry first in Turkey and then globally. When we look at the past 2 years, we are very happy to see that we have made great progress. The exit we made in a short time, like 1 year, was proof of our vision. In 2023, we aim to expand our investment area to Europe, Turkey and Central Asia by further expanding our plans and establishing the largest investment and acceleration platform in the region.”

You can visit https://www.weplayventures.com/ to examine and learn about WePlay Ventures in more detail.

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