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WePlay Ventures is taking action to support the gaming ecosystems in Central Eurasia through significant strategic partnerships!

Having relocated its headquarters to the Netherlands last year, WePlay Ventures has expanded its operations in Turkey, Europe, and Central Asia. The successful investment company has announced local partnership agreements in four countries in Central Eurasia. In addition to its comprehensive gaming acceleration program, WePlay HUB, launched a few months ago, the company aims to support gaming startups from the initial stages through local game incubation centers. By announcing partnerships in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia, WePlay Ventures aims to create a strong synergy to uplift the gaming ecosystem in the region.


WePlay Ventures aims to be a bridge between Central Eurasia and the global gaming world. By leveraging its success and know-how in Turkey and extending it to Central Asia, WePlay Ventures aims to establish itself as a bridge between this region and the global gaming industry. The company announced partnerships with Astana Hub in Kazakhstan, IT Park in Uzbekistan, Sabah HUB in Azerbaijan, and Future Laboratory in Georgia. Besides these partnerships, WePlay Ventures also plans to open offices in these countries in the coming days. WePlay aims to encourage game development teams in the region and foster the integration of new talents into the gaming ecosystem.

Each partnership agreement will be detailed in the upcoming days, but their contents are summarized as follows:

Kazakhstan – Astana HUB: WePlay Ventures has formed a strategic partnership with Gamedev Center, a pioneering gaming initiative by Astana Hub in Kazakhstan. Through this partnership, WePlay will actively support talented and promising game studios in the region and provide financial assistance to successful companies. The Gamedev Center at Astana Hub will offer comprehensive support to game developers in Kazakhstan, including technical education, mentorship, research, and community development.

Uzbekistan – IT Park: In close collaboration with IT Park Uzbekistan, WePlay Ventures aims to provide an innovative complex outside the free economic zone to transform game concepts into growing technology ventures for game studios and talented developers. IT Park Uzbekistan, with the support of WePlay, will play a crucial role in the development of the gaming sector in Uzbekistan, offering significant support in accounting, law, marketing, and education.

Azerbaijan – Sabah HUB: WePlay Ventures has signed a partnership agreement with Sabah Hub, operating under the Azerbaijan Education Project by the Republic of Azerbaijan’s Education Institute. Sabah Hub’s main goal is to assist in the establishment and growth of new companies. As a partner in this innovation center, WePlay Ventures will contribute to creating an efficient platform for new game studios to develop and realize their creative visions.


Georgia – Future Laboratory: Through an exciting collaboration with Future Laboratory, a reputable innovation consultancy and management company with a shared goal of enriching people’s lives through innovation and technology, WePlay Ventures aims to revolutionize the gaming sector in Georgia. This partnership will enable WePlay Ventures to discover cutting-edge game technologies and talented game development teams in Georgia, offering them acceleration and investment opportunities.