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WePlay Ventures invested in 10 gaming startups in its first year!

WePlay Ventures, Turkey’s first gaming industry focused investment company, invested in 10 studios that develop games for Mobile, PC and Console platforms in its first year.

WePlay Ventures, Turkey’s first gaming industry-focused investment company, which started its operations in the third quarter of 2020, shared a summary of the past year. Focusing on supporting and growing game startups with its experienced team in the gaming and startup sectors, WePlay Ventures invested in 10 studios that develop games for Mobile, PC and Console platforms in its first year. WePlay Ventures plans to continue its investments in this area without slowing down.

60% of investments are mobile, 40% are game development for PC and Console platforms.

The Turkish Game Industry has made its mark among the important players of the global game market with its great successes, especially in the last 3 years. The Turkish Gaming Market, which has managed to exceed 1 Billion dollars as of 2020, has enabled the establishment of many new gaming initiatives and the rapid growth of existing gaming initiatives by receiving significant investments. In parallel with this issue, the investment company, which examined more than 1250 game initiatives in a year and made more than 400 interviews, invested in 10 game studios among these initiatives. Investing in Gnarly Game StudioMadcraft StudiosFunmoth GamesHoody StudiosForge GamesGorilla SoftworksGyroscoping GamesUDO GamesHero Concept and Apphic Games  respectively, WePlay Ventures aims to distribute their portfolios in a balanced way across mobile, PC and console platforms and announced that 60% of the investments it has made so far are for Mobile and 40% is made up of studios that develop games for PC and Console platforms.

Gaming startups invested by WePlay Ventures have grown 4 times in 1 year!

WePlay Ventures, which makes its investments with the Smart Capital Model, offers many strategic support as well as financial support to the startups it invests in. By positioning themselves as a teammate, they aim to help game studios grow much faster and become one of the important players in the global game market by supporting them in matters such as strategy, finance and business development from the early stage. In this direction, game studios invested by WePlay Ventures managed to increase their total valuation to 64 million dollars by growing 4 times in 1 year. Game studios, which have more than 160 teammates, have developed more than 180 games, 10 of which are PC and Console, during this time.

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