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Turkey’s First and Most Active Game Investor, WePlay Ventures is Preparing to Carry its Success To Europe and Central Asia.

WePlay Ventures, which started its activities in 2020 as Turkey’s first gaming industry-focused investment fund, is expanding its investment region to Europe and Central Asia. WePlay, which took its first step towards Europe by moving its headquarters to the Netherlands last year, aims to establish the most comprehensive investment and acceleration platform in the region by spreading its success in Turkey to Europe and Central Asia.


WePlay Ventures Opens New Operation Centres In 11 Countries.


Having managed to become Turkey’s first and most active gaming industry-focused investment fund by investing in 15 gaming startups, WePlay will expand its investment region to Europe and Central Asia and support gaming startups in the region. The successful investment company aims to accelerate the early-stage game studios in the region and then invest, with the contribution of its collaborations with the important game companies of Europe. It aims to reach the best investment opportunities by closely following the early-stage game studios in the region from the first day with the operation centres it will open in 11 different countries, especially in France, Germany, Denmark, and Poland, in addition to the Netherlands and Turkey, and the country managers it will appoint.


Two New Platforms From WePlay; WePlay Hub and WePlay Starz


WePlay Ventures is preparing to launch WePlay Hub and WePlay Starz platforms, which will support startups prior to investment. With WePlay Hub, it will prepare early-stage game studios for investment by providing training on technical and managerial issues. The platforms will lay the foundation for establishing a successful game company. The startups, by receiving training on many subjects such as game development, finance, strategy, and business development from expert mentors for three months will be able to develop their businesses exponentially WePlay Starz platform, which will provide direct access to many professionals in the game industry for the gaming studios, who will be able to discover their successful and lacking points by consulting these people.

In this way, WePlay Ventures will be in one-on-one contact with early-stage game studios from day one, supporting and investing in them.