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The second term of WePlay HUB, one of Europe’s largest game acceleration programs, starts on September 18.

The second term of WePlay HUB’s acceleration program, established by Amsterdam-based WePlay Ventures to accelerate early-stage game studios in Europe, Central Asia, and Turkey, is starting. Having accepted 14 game studios from 7 countries in its first program, WePlay HUB aims to contribute to the development of many early-stage studios by accepting more game studios in this program due to intense interest. Positive feedback from both game studios, mentors, and partners towards the end of its first program shows that the game studios have developed themselves most efficiently in a 3-month process. WePlay Hub, which will start its second program on September 18, continues to evaluate new applications.

WePlayHUB is preparing for its second term with stronger partners and mentors!

WePlay HUB, which started its first program last June, makes significant contributions to the development of studios by providing comprehensive training in technical and business development topics. Game studios, with training from expert mentors, not only increase their technical capacity but also have the opportunity to develop themselves in important points of publishing successful games, developing investment strategies, and preparing investment documents. WePlay Ventures, which makes partnership agreements with leading companies in the industry, facilitates know-how transfer with experienced successful companies for the studios accepted into the acceleration program and also provides the opportunity to work together. After the evaluation process, WePlay Hub’s 2nd program will start on September 18 with newly accepted studios.

The largest game network in Europe, Central Asia, and Turkey!

Gaming studios that complete the WePlay Hub program become part of a wide game ecosystem where many companies from Europe, Turkey, and Central Asia are located. Through this network created, game studios can easily reach many leading names in the industry such as publishers, service providers, and global game companies under the WePlay umbrella, and catch the opportunity to work together. The acceleration program established within WePlay Ventures offers all the necessary support for early-stage game studios to take themselves to the next level, creating one of the widest networks in the game ecosystem. This network, which will include more than 100 game studios at the end of 1 year, will become Europe and Central Asia’s largest and most active game network.

For more detailed information about the program and to apply, you can visit our website through the links below.

Application – https://www.weplayventures.com/submit/

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