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Our Portfolio

UDO Games is an Ankara-based game studio that has been developing multiple types of games for mobile and web platforms since 2013. As a team, they have started their adventure by developing highly successful web-based games and have been developing games in the genres of Hypercasual, Casual and Hybridcasual in recent years. In addition, the UDO Garage acceleration program, which they established in 2022, offers various opportunities to startups in the development phase.

Fantazzie is a fantasy football game with live match statistics and offers weekly competitions. Currently, weekly competitions are held on the Turkish Super League and prizes and gifts are given. The game has been loved and played by thousands of players since the beginning of the season. It will operate in Europe and the MENA region in the coming years.

njoyKidz develops Educational, enjoyable and safe games for kids. With the help of njoyKidz games, kids can develop in 5 different main and 18 different sub-skill categories while having fun. Thanks to the njoyKidz Dashboard, developed with the help of expert pedagogues, parents can instantly view their kid’s development statistics and data.

L8 Studios is an Ankara-based game studio that develops a mobile racing game called Crit Wheel. While Crit Wheel offers players high-level graphics quality, it also serves with its unique technological infrastructure. The game, whose development process has been completed, is expected to be released this year.

Mixer games is a game studio that develops blockchain-based games. So far, they have developed a play-to-earn Puzzle/RPG game called Chubby-Five. At the same time, the mobile game platform called Fundle will meet with users this year. Fundle will bring games from many categories to large audiences with its unique infrastructure and technology.

Abrakadabra Games develops game technologies focused on Metaverse, with its platform called Vieverse, users will be able to turn any video into playable games in seconds. The Vieverse platform, which has completed the closed beta test and will be available to all users in a short time, allows users to gamify their high-definition videos without the need for any software and design knowledge.

Apphic Games is a game studio founded in Istanbul in 2020, developing games for mobile and PC platforms. While developing hypercasual and casual games for mobile platforms, he developed a multiplayer horror game called Deadly Broadcast for PC platform. DeadlyBroadcast met with the players in the first quarter of 2023.

Hero Concept is a multi-platform and multi-genre video game development studio. The studio was founded in 2017. Their last game, Mayhem Brawler, is an urban fantasy beat them up. The game was released on different platforms including Nintendo and PlayStation. Due to the intense interest in the game, the second version of the game will be published in the coming years.

Funverse Games is an US-based game studio that develops AA and AAA quality games for Mobile, PC and Console platforms. The Hit and Boom game they developed has been developed as playable for almost all platforms. They also works on the blockchain-based Football Metaverse world, which they call Meta FC.

Gyroscoping Games was established in Ankara in 2020 to develop games for PC platforms. Latest game Right to Asylum is a refugee themed city building game. The game will meet its players in 2023. In addition, Gyroscoping Games also develops mini-games for PC platforms.

Gorilla Softworks is a game studio that develops strategy games for PC platforms. They have worked on different projects for the PC platforms and working on The Ancients now. The Ancients is a strategy-based city-builder game it will be launched in May 2023.

Gnarly is a game studio that develops multiplayer based midcore and casual games. They have developed many successful games so far. Their latest hit game, Sea Lords, in the hybrid-casual genre, has reached millions of downloads. These days they are working on a big mobile game that will have huge success globally.

In 2017, Studio Billion founded by three friends who came together with the goal of making entertaining games with the motto of “Entertaining Billions”. Studio Billion, which has grown its targets, has become a faster growing team and game company with the investment they have received in 2018. Currently, they are developing AR supported Multiplayer RPG game which is called Rumble Suits for mobile platforms and AR Glasses.

One Percent Studios is developing a game which is called “One Percent.” This multiplayer third-person shooter action game, crafted using Unreal Engine 5 technology, integrates e-sports mechanics, emphasizing individual and team performance, strategy, and tactics. Players team up with friends or other gamers to accomplish objectives in various game modes, striving to outperform rival teams. After concluding the Alpha Test phase across PC, console, and mobile platforms, they plan to unveil the inaugural game mode in the “One Percent” universe to players in early 2024.

Teleporter is the Social VR World of Gamers that is the one place to all the ways gamers get together. Players in Teleporter can play games, watch others playing, find like-minded people, and hang out with other folks in 3D fantastic environments. It feels like and works like a game, but it also allows players to do many different things they usually love to do with other gamers.

Unipoly Games is a game studio and publisher embarked on a mission to push the boundaries of the gaming world. Comprising a team of passionate and creative individuals, we are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for gamers. As the creators of Raidfield2, which has reached over 2 million players and gained a massive global fan base, and the upcoming groundbreaking title Raidfield3, we are committed to leading the transformation in the gaming industry.

UniWorkHub provides a space for aspiring individuals to develop industry-specific coding skills and gain practical experience in software development.

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