Our Portfolio

L8 Studios develops mobile-based Casual & Hyper-casual games. Their first game, Crit Wheel, is a PVP battle royale racing game that will be released end of the 2nd half of 2022.

Hero Concept is a mutli-platform and multi-genre video game development studio.The studio was founded in 2017. Their last game, Mayhem Brawler, is an urban fantasy beat’em up. The game released on different platforms including Nintendo and Playstation.

Established in 2020, Apphic Games is a game studio that has managed to develop a lot of mobile prototype games in a short time and then came to the game development stage for multiple platforms.Apphic Games has founders who have been involved in successful mobile game projects before. It is a PC and Mobile Gaming studio. They work hypercasual games on mobile. Currenty they working a horror game for PC platforms.

Abrakadabra Games develops game technologies focused on Metaverse, with its platform called Vieverse, users will be able to turn any video into playable games in seconds. The Vieverse platform, which has completed the closed beta test and will be available to all users in a short time, allows users to gamify their high-definition videos without the need for any software and design knowledge. In addition, Abrakadabra Games will enable users to generate income with different models such as play to earn, watch to earn and create to earn with the Abrakadabra Token they will issue.

Mixer Games develops blockchain based P2E games. Their first game, Chubby Five, is a Puzzle and RPG game that will be released in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

njoyKidz develops Educational, enjoyable and safe games for kids. With the help of njoyKidz games, kids can develop in 5 different main and 18 different sub-skill categories while having fun. Thanks to the njoyKidz Dashboard, developed with the help of expert pedagogues, parents can instantly view their kid’s development statistics and data.

Gnarly Game Studio develops multiplayer online games by combining innovative game concepts with scalable network systems. They are currently working on a mobile battle royale game (Cetchy) that has a non-trivial combat system. Cetchy is in alpha test process

Funverse Games aim to produce AA and AAA quality blockchain based P2E games. They are working on Hit and Boom which is a 3v3 battle royale game.

Forge Games is a mobile gaming company. They are working on Idle games specially. They are an Izmir-based gaming startup

Hoody Studios is a hypercasual game studio. They work hypercasual and puzzle games. They develop their games with Rollic.

Gorilla Softworks is a game development studio for PC platform. They have worked on different projects for PC platform and working on The Ancients now. The Ancients is a strategy game. It will be launched in May of 2021.

Gyroscoping Games is working on PC games. Their last game is Right to Asylum. It is a city-builder game about refugees. It will be launched in September of 2021.