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One Percent, which develops multiplayer action games, has received an investment with a valuation of 2.5M USD from WePlay Ventures and Startgate.

The game studio One Percent, founded by Burak Bozkurt, Emir Alp, Batu Erbilgin, Emre Tandar, Can Yıldızlı, and Alper Rende, completed its pre-seed investment round with the participation of the Netherlands-based early-stage gaming investment fund WePlay Ventures and the game-focused incubation center Startgate. The investment received will be used to complete the development process of the game named One Percent and conduct its testing processes.

A Globally Competitive Gaming Experience!

Having completed comprehensive R&D studies for their game named One Percent, the game studio will accelerate developments with the investment they received. The team, developing the game with Unreal Engine 5 technology, is preparing to offer a competitive game experience with AAA quality high visual fidelity. They aim to introduce the first game mode in the One Percent universe to players at the beginning of 2024 after completing the Alpha Test phase on PC, console, and mobile platforms. With the game’s release, they aim to provide a globally competitive gaming experience by integrating e-sports mechanics like tactics, individual and team performance.

What Kind of Game Will One Percent Be?

One Percent is a multiplayer third-person shooter action game that incorporates e-sports mechanics focused on individual and team performance, strategy, and tactics. Players form teams with their friends or other players to complete objectives in the game modes and compete to leave other teams behind. Every map, character, clothing, expression, costume, and many elements in the game are specially designed by the One Percent design team to provide a unique experience. The first version of the game is developed in a unique Cyberpunk universe, and thanks to the design and technology capabilities of the team, it is aimed to add more maps, concepts, and universes to the game.

Aiming to Be a Pioneer of Fortnite Technology!

While developments of the One Percent game continue, the team also keeps developing smaller-scale games using UFE (Unreal Fortnite Engine) technology. By using the Fortnite Engine technology at an early stage, the studio that produces quality games aims to become one of Fortnite’s leading game developers shortly.

“We Are One Step Closer to Bringing One Percent to Players”

Burak Bozkurt from the One Percent team, aiming to achieve great success with their games, said about the investment process, “We started developing our game, One Percent, in 2021, and our goal is to offer the best level of design and technology. The development process of One Percent and our Fortnite game modes will continue even more robustly with the support we received in this investment round. As the founding partners of One Percent, we are all very experienced in our fields, and we complement each other. As you know, brands and content creators have started producing their games in Unreal Editor within Fortnite (UEFN). With the strategic steps One Percent team will take in game development, design, and marketing, we aim to be one of the suppliers creating the highest play-time within Fortnite. We will continue to develop the One Percent game and will release our first mode in 2024. In addition to the investments of WePlay and StartGate, the strategic benefits they offer to our company have already brought us one step closer to introducing One Percent to the players.

After the One Percent investment, Bora Koçyiğit, Chairman of the Board of WePlay Ventures, expressed his views, “We continue to invest in studios we believe in in terms of their potential and team. One Percent, with its experienced team and valuable projects, made us feel this belief. From now on, we will be by the side of the One Percent team on their way to success, supporting them like a teammate, and doing more than our best in every possible way.

Participating in the investment round and aiming to make Turkey the epicenter of digital games and game Technologies CEO Mustafa Cihat Durmuş of StartGate made statements about this investment. “We will continue to support game developers and game studios on their way to achieving a secure, sustainable, and scalable success. We will be in touch with all stakeholders that will take this vision to the next level as part of our journey to bring a global perspective to game technology and establish a global center.”