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njoyKidz received its first investment round lead by WePlay Ventures on a 5 Million Dollars Valuation.

Developing skill-based games for children and allowing parents to monitor and track children’s progress with the help of their dashboard, njoyKidz received $525.000 investment from DOMiNO Ventures, Anibera, AngelEffect, Aegean Ventures, and Mustafa Serdar Arıkan with the lead of by WePlay Ventures over a $5 M post-money valuation.

njoyKidz develops ad-free, safe, fun, and mobile educational games for kids focused on cognitive ability development.

Founded by Utku Bozkurt in October 2021, njoyKidz develops ad-free, safe, fun, and mobile educational games focused on cognitive ability development for children between the ages of 2-9. njoyKidz, develop all its games with the pedagogical advisory team’s suggestions and recommendations. The games have based on five primary abilities: memory, creativity, problem-solving, socialization, attention, and 18 sub-ability categories. Also, thanks to the parent dashboard, parents can instantly view all notable statistics and analytics about their children’s performance. Parents can examine how much progress their children have made in primary and sub-skill categories and how much time they spend in njoyKidz games, with comparative data considering the users’ ages through the dashboard.



Aim to be one of the most important game studios in the world in the field of children’s games.

njoyKidz will continoue developing games of important animation and cartoon characters. njoyKidz aims to become one of the most important game studios around the globe in children’s games by doing partnerships with well-known children brands and IP’s. They are planning to reach millions of children and to offer them a safe and fun game platform by developing 75 games in 1 year. njoyKidz’s mid-term plans include becoming one of the leading publishers in the field.

“njoyKidz aims to reach children and families around the world.”


Utku Bozkurt, the founder of njoyKidz, aims to play a crucial role in the market with the games they develop and the information system they design. “The main reason we develop children’s games is that the time which today’s children spend with mobile devices is an important part of their lives. Thus, we want this time to be valuable to their development by creating the entire playground for the right edutainment environment and analyzing the performance-oriented in-game data. The participation of such valuable investors will be greatly beneficial in advancing with confident steps towards our goal. Our long-term plans are to reach children and families worldwide by developing collaboration models with platforms such as Netflix, BluTV, Amazon+, Disney+, Nintendo.” he expressed his views.

You can visit the https://njoykidz.com/ learn more about njoyKidz.