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Mixer Games, which develops blockchain-based games, has completed its first investment round with the participation of WePlay Ventures and Diffusion Capital Partners.


Founded by Alican Karaman, Eren Erenoğlu, and Enver Yumrutaş in 2021, Mixer Games has completed its pre-seed investment round with a valuation of 1.6 million USD. Turkey’s first gaming venture capital WePlay Ventures, as well as Diffusion Capital Partners, which makes investments in the deep-tech vertical, took part in this round. With this investment, Mixer Games became Diffusion Capital Partners’ first investment in the gaming industry, while WePlay Ventures’ 12th investment. Mixer Games will use this investment to publish their first game, Chubby Five, and grow their team.


Chubby Five, a blockchain-based game in the Puzzle-RPG genre, will allow players to earn income from the game thanks to the game’s currency, $CHU!

Chubby Five, which has undergone a fast and successful development phase thanks to the presence of experienced names in both the game and fintech fields in the team, creates a game universe where players can have a real-time Puzzle-RPG gaming experience with NFT heroes. Chubby Five allows players to earn $CHU tokens with different modes. With this token, players can customize more than 100,000 unique NFT characters per class into 5 different classes: Tank, Gunner, Warrior, Assassin, and Support, and earn income by selling these tokens on independent platforms. The roadmap for Chubby Five and $CHU can be found at this link.


“It is gratifying that DCP and WePlay Ventures have believe in us on this journey we are embarking on.”

Especially with the introduction of Web3.0, Metaverse, and Blockchain definitions into our lives, the gaming industry quickly adapted to this transformation and development and became one of the leading sectors in this field. Alican Karaman, one of the founding partners of Mixer Games, who captured this transformation and development, commented on the investment tour: “It is a gratifying that DCP and WePlay Ventures believe in us in this journey we set out to introduce players to the decentralized game economy by carrying the conventional mobile gaming experience to the vertical known as Play-to Earn or NFT games. This investment in Mixer, which normally focuses on different verticals, gives us clues about how the games of the future should be.” expressed as.


You can find out all the details about the game through the Chubby Five website, and all the developments instantly thanks to the DiscordTwitterTelegram links.