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Madcraft Studios, which develops games for Computer and Mobile platforms, received a seed investment from WePlay Ventures.

Madcraft Studios, which develops games for computer and mobile platforms, received its first investment from WePlay Ventures with a valuation of 2 Million Turkish Liras (TL). Madcraft Studios founded by 4 young entrepreneurs, while they are planning to launch their computer games Crowalt they also aim to give start mobile game projects with the investment they have received.

They combine traditional storytelling with today’s pixel art graphics

 Madcraft Studios draws attention with the games they have developed for computer and mobile platforms.

“Crowalt: Traces of the Lost Colony”, which they are preparing to launch in a short time, it especially draws intense attention from player of this genre, by combining traditional storytelling with today’s pixel art graphics. Crowalt, an adventure game inspired by the true story of Lost Colony of Roanoke, is about the mysterious disappearance of a group of people who set out to found the first settled colony in America in 1587 and a young and ambitious adventurer Hugh Radcliff’s pursuit of the Lost Colony to make his first big discovery after 150 years later. With its story-based and alternative final structure that changes as a result of the choices made by the players, it appeals to a wide audience that loves adventure games.

Preparing to carry the experience gained from Crowalt’s storytelling and pixel art graphics to the mobile platform, Madcraft aims to develop mobile games of this genre by expanding its teams with the investment they have received.

 “We are very happy to act together with a team that believes in us as much as we do”

 Fırat Baban, one of the founding partners of Madcraft Studios, stated that they dreamed that playing their games by millions of people and said, “While we had endless dreams when we set out on this way, now we have certain and clear goals. Working together with a team that believes in us as much as we do and that this team is one of the most important institutions of the gaming sector like WePlay Ventures makes us very happy and proud. We will work day and night with our entire team and strive to surpass our dreams.” WePlay Ventures Managing Partner Bora Koçyiğit expressed his views; “As WePlay, we are so happy to make our second investment in Madcraft Studios. We trust the Madcraft team endlessly and believe that they are very successful in what they do. I am sure we will do perfect business together. As WePlay, we will continue to rapidly support early-stage gaming startups. ”


 You can visit website to view Madcraft Studios.

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