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L8 Studios closed its pre-seed investment round with the participation of WePlay Ventures and Lima Ventures.

L8 Studios, which was founded under the leadership of Emre Ergül and successfully closed its first investment round, will continue its work on a competitive racing game called “Crit Wheel” for mobile platforms in the main focus. In addition to the casual project, the gaming studio will also operate in the hyper-casual area where the founding team has worked before, and will continue to work in many points of the game ecosystem.

Crit Wheel will be a PVP battle-royale game which uses innovative technologies!


Emre Ergul  who announced that AR technology will be available at Crit Wheel  which has the mechanics of the battle-royale racing type we saw early in Activision Blizzard’s Blur, stated  “We’ll maximize gamers’ sense of entertainment throughout the game by putting the spirit of competition at the centre of our game. Besides the games own system we have also started to plan  e-sport area of our game. We will develop a system that world has never seen before”



“It was very important to have the trust of WePlay, an investment company focused on the gaming industry, and Lima Ventures, which has investments in the gaming industry, and now is the time to prove ourselves.”


With the L8 Studios investment, WePlay Ventures has increased the number of gaming studios in its portfolio to 13. Lima Ventures, on the other hand, made its second game investment to L8 Studios, which it made in partnership with WePlay. Emre Ergül, the founder and creative director of L8 Studios, stated that regarding this completed investment round; “We quickly closed our pre-seed investment round, now we want to improve our game with our teammates and turn our potential into a value in global markets together with our investors.”