WePlay Ventures

We are a Gaming VC in Europe, Central Asia, and Turkey

WePlay Ventures invests exclusively in early-stage gaming studios in Europe, Central Asia, and Turkey. We invest in studios with explosive potential, and we’re more than just investors – we’re teammates.

Through our smart money approach, we work alongside you to propel your growth and expansion. We provide strategic guidance, industry connections, and hands-on support. Let’s play together!


Key Takeaways

Early-stage gaming studios ready to receive investment.


Located in Europe, Central Asia and Turkey


Well-built and functional game studios that we can work together


All gaming studios


We invest in core game developer studios


Up to $300k

Ticket Size

Investment Process

As WePlay Ventures, we evaluate and closely follow the game studios before making an investment decision by including them in the advisory and networking platform called WePlay Starz.

Our investments vary but we are primarily evaluating gaming studios that have graduated from the WePlay Hub acceleration program or beyond their seed stage. Before the final decision for an investment, we create an evaluation process on the Starz platform.

Our Roadmap

Introduction Meeting

Our first meeting with the team is to gather information, evaluate and assess the game studio. Every gaming studio that goes through this stage is added to the pipeline.

Due Diligence

Through our due diligence process we extend our research and create a pipeline for due diligence and document sharing.

Selection Meeting

We evaluate the gaming studio with all of its merits, our process from the introduction meeting continues and a decision is made in regard to progress the studio to the Starz platform.

WePlay Starz

Our platform gives access to gaming studios to further their reach, network and create potential partnerships with industry professionals.

Decision Meeting

WePlay team, through the gaming studios journey in the Starz Platform assesses and evaluates whether if an investment should be made. If positively concluded the investment process begins.

WePlay Starz

WePlay Starz is your one-stop platform for accelerating your gaming studio’s growth, no matter if you’re a WePlay HUB graduate or an ambitious early-stage studio in Europe, Central Asia, or Turkey. Our platform connects you with the essential resources to take your game to the next level. Gain invaluable guidance from industry veterans through expert mentorship on everything from development to monetization. WePlay Starz curates a network of partners, from global publishers to service providers, to fuel your growth. Stand out and get considered for investment opportunities within the WePlay Ventures portfolio. Join WePlay Starz and unlock your studio’s full potential!

Main Benefits

Access to Industry

Gaming studios can leverage the expertise of advisors and industry experts who have experience in the gaming industry. These experts can guide topics such as game development, marketing, monetization strategies, and more.

Investment Opportunities

WePlay Starz continuously monitors studio performance within the network. Standout performers are evaluated for potential inclusion in our investment portfolio.

Right Fit

The Starz Platform allows access to a wide array of partners. This allows gaming studios to evaluate and choose the partner that suits them the most.

Increased Visibility

By participating in WePlay Starz Platform, gaming studios can increase their visibility in the industry by accessing events, webinars and conferences. This can help attract potential partners and players.

Who’s on Starz

Technical Mentors

Growth Strategists

Global Technology Firms

Gaming Service Providers

Advertisement and Monetization Firms


Cloud Technology Companies