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Gyroscoping Games, which develops computer games, received a seed investment from WePlay Ventures.

Developing city-builder games on the PC platform, Gyroscoping Games received a seed investment from WePlay Ventures with a valuation of 2.2 Million TL. Gyroscoping aims to expand its teams with the investment it has received and to publish the game “Right to Asylum”, which is under development, within this year.

Right to Asylum is a game to build a refugee camp.

Founded within Digi Game Startup Studio with its experienced team in the game industry, Gyroscoping Games develops city-builder games that have been played by millions of players for years and are very successful examples in the world. With their latest game “Right to Asylum”, he draws attention to one of the most important problems in the world, the refugee problem. Right to Asylum is a game to build a refugee camp. Around the world, the player struggles to build a safe camp for refugees in various scenarios. It tries to meet the needs of refugees such as shelter, nutrition, health and education. The game, which will be presented to the players with a 60-hour game time, actually offers an unlimited game experience by creating scenarios that differ with the preferences of the players. The Gyroscoping team, which plans to expand its teams with the investment they have received and bring their games to players in September, aims to keep their games constantly updated and offer new experiences to their players with new expansion packages called DLC after the launch.

“We wanted to draw attention to the refugee problem while providing a successful experience for the players.”

Stating that with Right to Asylum they aim not only to offer a fun game experience, but also to draw attention to the refugee problem, which is one of the problems in the world, Gyroscoping Founder Eray Ağaçdoğrayan said, “Every year thousands of people start to live as refugees by taking refuge for different reasons. With our game, we wanted to provide a successful experience to the players and to draw attention to this problem as much as we could. We are very happy to receive investment from WePlay Ventures, which is important and focused on the field of play, and to see that we share the same thoughts with them. With the investment we have received, we aim to expand our team and bring our game to the players as soon as possible. I wish that this investment we have received will be the first step of a very good journey. ” said. WePlay Ventures Managing Partner Bora Koçyiğit said, “From the moment we first met with the Gyroscoping team, we saw that we had the same vision and we were very impressed with the message they wanted to convey with the Right to Asylum games. I hope it will be a fun and awareness-raising game for the players. With this investment, we have announced our 4th investment in total in 2021, 7th in total. We are very happy and proud for this. We will continue to do our best to support startups in all areas of the gaming industry.”