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Gorilla Softworks, which develops computer games, received its first investment from WePlay Ventures.

Developing survival games on the PC platform, Gorilla Softworks received a seed investment from WePlay Ventures with a valuation of 2.5 Million TL. The game studio, founded by 2 experienced entrepreneurs, is preparing to launch the games “The Ancients”, which they developed with the investment they received.

They aim to offer an unlimited gaming experience with “The Ancients”.

Gorilla Softworks, which was established within Digi Game Startup Studio with its experienced team in the game industry, has recently developed survival games that have attracted great interest from players. The game “The Ancients”, which they are preparing for its launch, aims to offer a different experience to the players with its survival story starting from the early ages of humanity. The Ancients focuses on the survival of a hunter and gatherer society through migration and the social and cultural formations as a result of the choices made by the players. While the nomadic society is trying to reach civilization by jumping the age, various societies and cultural formations offer an unlimited game experience with the choices of the players. The Gorilla team, which is preparing to launch “The Ancients” games by expanding their teams with the investment they have made, aims to keep the games constantly updated and offer new experiences to their players by implementing new expansion packs and multiplayer game mode after the launch.

“We will lock the players on the screen with the struggle to survive by creating new stories.”

The Gorilla team stated that they have developed different games for the PC platform for many years, but the game that excites them the most so far is “The Ancients”. At the same time, we are very happy and proud to have received investment from an important investment company in the gaming field such as WePlay Ventures. We sincerely believe that we will be very successful with their belief and support to us. With the games we have developed, we aim to lock the screens by making the players experience the in-game stories and the struggle for survival. With this valuable investment we have received, we will rapidly expand our team, release new developments and features in the game as soon as possible, and we will excite the players by developing games with more new concepts and new stories. ” said. WePlay Ventures Managing Partner Bora Koçyiğit said, “We have encountered such an original and successful game project in an area that is difficult to develop such as the PC platform, and we are proud to be a part of it. We are very confident in the experience and skills of the Gorilla team. I wish they will come to very good places in a short time. We, as WePlay Ventures, will continue to invest in different areas of the gaming industry and continue to support gaming startups as much as we can. ” expressed his views in the form.