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Developing gamification technologies for Metaverse, Abrakadabra Games received its first investment from WePlay Ventures.

Founded by Mehmet Tokgöz, Abrakadabra Games received its first investment from WePlay Ventures at a valuation of 5 Million Dollars. Abrakadabra, which is preparing to go live with the patented “Vieverse” platform, which allows users to gamify any video in seconds, aims to achieve global success by enlarging its team with this investment.

“Abrakadabra Games aims to be the YouTube of playable videos.”

Abrakadabra Games, which set out to develop game technologies for Metaverse, is preparing to complete the developments of the Vieverse platform, which was patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), at the end of the 2-year R&D process and present it to the experience of the users. With the Vieverse platform developed by Abrakadabra Games, users will be able to turn any video into playable games in seconds.The Vieverse platform, which has completed the closed beta test and will be offered to all users in a short time, allows users to gamify their high-resolution videos without the need for any software and design knowledge. Abrakadabra Games aims to be the YouTube of playable videos with the unique experience that the Vieverse platform offers to users. In addition, Abrakadabra Games will allow users to earn income with different models such as play-to earn, watch-to earn and create-to earn, with the Abrakadabra Token they will issue.

“We encountered a unique gamification technology and vision.”

Emphasizing that the world will experience a serious transformation with Web3 and blockchain infrastructure, Abrakadabra Games Founder Mehmet Tokgöz said; “Classical social media have great difficulty in catching up with the necessities of the transformed world by being stuck in the vicious systems of the old world. Blockchain, on the other hand, allows culturally and geographically separate community members to build their own economies together in the existing system. In Vieverse, all kinds of creative individuals can transform their works such as Real Video, 2D animation, 3D animation into a very valuable one with the right video logic algorithm. At Vieverse, our goal is to establish a giant blockchain video game media platform where creative and productive users of all ages and cultures can earn serious money while producing and having fun together. I would like to thank my partner İrtek Uraz who started our journey, my old partner Orçun Oğuz who has supported us at every stage for 7 years, and the creative genius Emre Çelikdelen. In addition, we have never met such a friendly, logical and developer team as the WePlay Ventures team in our long journey. I extend my sincere thanks to them.” WePlay Ventures Managing Partner Bora Koçyiğit added “When we met the Abrakadabra Games team, we encountered a unique gamification technology and vision. We, as WePlay, are happy to invest in Abrakadabra Games, just like every startup we believe in its team and potential. In the upcoming period, like all our other studios, we will be doing the best we can in every aspect by standing by the Abrakadabra Games team on its way to success.”