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Abrakadabra Games has increased its valuation to 15 million dollars with the new investment it has received.

Receiving its first investment from WePlay Ventures, Abrakadabra Games getting ready to offer users the “Viewers” platform, which enables any video to be gamified in seconds. By this means, Abrakadabra Games received its second investment from Zihni Holding which operates in many fields, and its valuation has increased to 15 million dollars.

Abracadabra Games is taking firm steps towards becoming the Youtube of gamified videos!

Viewerse, which will be the world’s first platform in its field, patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which is nearing the end of the development phase after a 2-year R&D process, will be offered to users in a short time. Viewerse platform, which enables a video to be gamified in seconds, aims to be the Youtube of the virtual world. With this investment from Güneri Invest, which carries out the investment operations of Zihni Holding, Abrakadabra Game aims to make a global launch by completing partnership agreements with the world’s leading Telecom, Sports, FMSG, and Video Equipment companies. Under the favor of this launch, Abrakadabra Games, which will bring together View & ViewX Tokens to users, will be implementing different income models such as Watch-to earn and Create-to earn, as well as Playto earn with View & ViewX Token.

“We may see very large companies on Viewerse soon.”

Mehmet Tokgöz, Founder of Abrakadabra Games, gave the good news that major partnership agreements will be signed soon; “We are very happy to see such a large and global investor as Zihni Holding among us. Knowing that two major companies such as WePlay Ventures and Zihni Holding are with us shows that we are on the right track. I would like to implicitly give the exciting news that very large companies will take place in Viewerse soon, after the recent investment we received. Stay tuned. We are eager to surprise everyone with upcoming operations and good news.’’ expressed his views. Güneri Invest CEO Zihni Turgut Güneri stated that “We have been following Abrakadabra Games’ works closely for a while, and we became a part of this team, thinking that we should be with them as an investor at the stage they reached. We are very excited about that. We have no doubt that they will achieve great success in a very short time.”